January 22, 2023 0 COMMENTS

Can You Listen to PDF Document on Apple Watch Using Text-to-Speech?

A detailed and precise answer requires understating of quite a few aspects mentioned further in this blog post. But if simple answer would be needed it would be: YES. However there are some things that […]

January 13, 2023

Can Text-to-Speech Apps Help in Cases of Dyslexia or ADHD?

As someone who has been the developer of one such app for more than a decade I’ll try to provide the answer based on my experience which was acquired in contact with many such users […]

December 24, 2022

What are good Narro alternatives?

Narro was an interesting text-to-speech service, but it turned out to be unprofitable and it will stop to work starting from the year 2023. The principal reason to use Narro was to turn web pages […]

December 12, 2022

How can you get Speechify high quality voices for free?

Speechify is known for its high quality voices available only in its subscription tier (usually charged 139$/year). Many people are attracted to such high quality voices and wonder if you can get them at some […]

September 17, 2022

iOS 16: Speechify and Speech Central

With iOS 16 Apple has made the most notable changes to its built-in text-to-speech voices since their inception in iOS 7. Aside from adding more voices Apple has working on the quality of those voices […]

September 17, 2022

iOS 16: Voice Dream Reader and Speech Central

iOS 16 is one of the biggest updates yet regarding the text to speech functionality, probably the biggest since iOS 7 when this functionality appeared for the first time. iOS 16 adds a lot of […]