Applause Group and Voice Dream Reader: A Shift in Vision

Acquisition Announcement: Voice Dream Reader Joins Applause Group

On April 25th, 2023, Applause Group made headlines with the acquisition of Voice Dream Reader, sparking a series of questions and concerns about the app’s future. As such Applause group became a new owner of this widely respected app.

The Ethos of Voice Dream Reader

Before diving into the changes, it is essential to understand the core values of Voice Dream Reader, eloquently stated on its About page:

“Sustainability – We want to be around 20 years from now. This is why we don’t give away our apps for free to chase growth. We set reasonable prices and keep our cost low. We keep our company small and rely on word of mouth instead of paying for marketing. If we’re sustainable, our customers benefit, because their most valuable investment — time — will pay dividends for many years to come.”

Conflict of Values: Applause Group’s Approach

The Applause Group’s business model appears to be at odds with the above statement. The hiring of a full-time support person, heavy investment in marketing, and increase in cost might not align with the original developer’s principles of keeping the app affordable and the company small.

Price Hike: From 30$ to 60$/Year

Since the acquisition, Voice Dream Reader’s price has soared from a one-time payment of 30$ to a yearly subscription of 60$. This significant increase raises questions about accessibility and the future direction of the app under the Applause Group.

Speech Central: The Real Successor of Voice Dream Reader?

Interestingly, if one compares Voice Dream Reader’s original philosophy with the development of Speech Central, similarities are striking. It seems that in both technical and business aspects, Speech Central is leading by Winston Chen’s principles, establishing itself as the genuine successor of Voice Dream Reader’s legacy.

Conclusion: An Uncertain Future

The acquisition of Voice Dream Reader by Applause Group has created a turning point for the app, raising questions about its future evolution or discontinuity. With contrasting business models and a sudden shift in pricing, users and followers of the app are left to ponder what lies ahead. Speech Central, on the other hand, stands as a beacon of continuity, embracing the original values that made Voice Dream Reader a success.