The iOS 16.3 update was officially released to the general public on January 23rd 2023. It contains a severe bug that seriously impacts usability of German voices provided by the iOS operating system. Voices for other languages are not affected.

The bug manifests in notable pauses before any voice command is issued. It seems that with iOS 16.3.1 update this issue is partially fixed by Apple and less severe, but it may still not provide a good experience. Regarding the possible fixes of the problem you need to contact Apple as Apple doesn’t provide this information to the general public but it may provide it to affected users. However there are several ways to workaround the problem:

  1. Setup and use Microsoft voices
  2. Use Eloquence voices provided by Apple as they are not affected by the problem.
  3. Install eSpeak voices from the App Store and use them.

If you need this instructions in the future, please open the Help in the app and find the link for the known issues in the iOS operating system in the What to do if the app is not working section.