• Some users experience frequent crashes after updating to iOS 16.3. As the problem is not reproducible and affects only a very small portion of users (certainly less than 1%). It is expected to be caused by the operating system software glitch that appears in the update process. As this glitch seems to happen only with Apple built-in voices logic it won’t affect any apps that don’t use them. It is not certain whether Apple may fix this problem in some future update as it generally isn’t reproducible. Some of the actions that you may take are:
    1. Try to update to the newer iOS version – it is still investigate on how this is helpful but there are chances that it may help.
    2. Try to export audio file from the app. It seems that this has positive effect.
    3. Try to resolve the problem. For official advice you need to contact Apple regarding their bugs and possible ways to resolve them. In my experience users could resolve similar problems by performing factory reset of the device, so I expect it to be helpful in this case too.
    4. Try to setup and use Microsoft voices as they shouldn’t be affected by the problem.
  • German voices (except for Eloquence voices) have a notable pause before each sentence. Update to the iOS version 16.3.1 should make this pauses shorter but doesn’t completely resolve the problem. It is likely that Apple will fix this problem in some future release, but the last time such problem has appeared it took them 6 months to issue the official fix. Any of the following will resolve your problem until Apple issues the proper fix:
    1. Setup and use Microsoft voices.
    2. Use Eloquence voices provided by Apple.
    3. Install eSpeak voices from the App Store and use them.

    All affected users are suggested to provide the feedback to Apple using the Feedback Assistant. Please stress that only German Apple voices are affected by the problem and that it happens only on iOS 16.3 and as such it is certainly Apple’s bug in them.


Small portion of users are unable to select voices. It is not known that users are affected by this problem on the iOS 16.2+ so the best way to resolve this problem is to update the operating system. Alternatively you may activate the Multiselect mode in the toolbar as this function is not affected by the bug.


German voices frequently speak the word “Homeograph” without any particular reason. Apple has fixed this problem in iOS 16. Update is generally recommended though in the version 16.3 Apple had created a new notable bug in its German voices. As a workaround you may setup and use Microsoft voices.