How to listen to the headlines from web sites and add articles from them?

1. In the Headlines tab of the app add a home page or some other site section that contains headlines or site’s RSS feed using the ‘+’ button. You will see three options:

  • Popular Sites – first pick the category of the site (e.g. Sports, News) and then check all the sites that you want to follow from that category.
  • Web Site – find the site using Google, navigate to its home page and tap ‘Add’.
  • Paste – add the link from the clipboard.

2. Tap on the item and the app will start to read the headlines from the page

3. To add linked articles you can right click to activate the context menu and choose “Add to Articles & Books”.

How to import files from disk, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box etc?

1. When file is stored on the storage other than OneDrive ensure that you have installed the required storage app (e.g. Dropbox app) and after that log in to that app.

2. In the Articles & Books page press the ‘+’ button and then ‘Import File’.

How to change the language of the item?

The language of the item is automatically detected based on its text. If the language is not properly detected it may be changed from its context menu, under the submenu ‘More’ there is the item ‘Language’ where you can assign any of available languages to the item.

What to do if the app is not working?

If you find some specific bug use the support contact to report it.
If the app is not working at all or some major function is not working in most cases there is the problem on your device. The app is tested by Labsii and Microsoft before each release and it is highly unlikely that such problem may occur.
In most of such cases it is enough to just restart the device to restore the functionality. If it doesn’t help it is likely that you can resolve the problem by reinstalling of the app.

Please ensure that you have tried the options mentioned above. If you still find problems please report the problem to the support.