Speech Central Embraces Android 13 for an Unbeatable Text-to-Speech Experience

How Android 13 Enhances Text-to-Speech in Speech Central

If you’ve been looking for an app that consistently updates to leverage the latest features of Android, look no further than Speech Central. With its most recent update, the app now boasts support for specific features in Android 13 to enrich your text-to-speech experience.

Understanding the Role of Google Speech Services in Android’s Text-to-Speech

Android, unlike some other operating systems, doesn’t have built-in text-to-speech support. Instead, this functionality is usually delivered via the Google Speech Services app, preinstalled on most Android devices. Therefore, any new voices or enhancements in the text-to-speech department are a result of updates to Google Speech Services, rather than updates to Android itself.

Why Speech Central Leads in Android 13 Text-to-Speech Support

What sets Speech Central apart from other text-to-speech apps is its unparalleled commitment to adopting the newest Android features. While the fundamental text-to-speech capabilities are tethered to Google Speech Services, Android 13 does provide several opportunities for apps like Speech Central to significantly improve the overall user experience.

Monochrome Icon: A Sleek Addition to Your Home Screen

One of the exciting new features is the support for monochrome icons. If you’re a fan of themed icons on your Android device, you’ll be thrilled to know that Speech Central’s new icon design perfectly blends in, adding a touch of elegance to your home screen.

Language Picker: Tailoring the App to Speak Your Language

The Android 13 update also brings in a game-changing feature for those who want a more personalized text-to-speech experience: the app-specific language picker. Located in the system settings, this option lets you manually select from any of the 14 user interface languages that Speech Central supports. This feature can be invaluable if your system hasn’t picked your preferred language by default, offering you the flexibility to adjust it according to your needs.