Unlock the Power of Pocket on Your Apple Watch with Speech Central

Why You’re Missing Out Without Pocket on Apple Watch

If you’re a fan of Pocket, the renowned read-it-later service by Mozilla, you know how indispensable it can be in managing your reading list. It works seamlessly on platforms like iOS, Android, and even desktop browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, Apple Watch users find themselves at a disadvantage, as Pocket doesn’t have an Apple Watch app. Especially when you’re out for a run with just your Apple Watch, you miss the opportunity to catch up on your reading list.

Speech Central: Bridging the Gap Between Pocket and Apple Watch

The good news is that Speech Central is here to save the day! Designed to bring your favorite read-it-later service to your wrist, Speech Central integrates smoothly with Pocket, offering a streamlined experience.

Setting Up Pocket on Speech Central: Quick and Easy

Setting up your Pocket service with Speech Central is hassle-free. All you need to do is establish the Pocket service connection on your iPhone. From then on, your iPhone will periodically sync with your Pocket account or do so every time you start the app. The end result? Your saved articles will be readily accessible right from your Apple Watch!

Experience Text to Speech Reading on the Go

Due to the small screen size of the Apple Watch, traditional reading isn’t practical. This is why Speech Central utilizes Text to Speech (TTS) technology to provide an enriching reading experience. Your selected Pocket articles will be read aloud to you, turning your running sessions or casual strolls into productive learning opportunities.

Pocket Archive: Keeping Your Reading List Organized

As you complete listening to articles, Speech Central conveniently moves them to your Pocket’s Archive by default. This way, your reading list remains organized, allowing you to focus on new content.

Elevate Your Jogging Sessions with Pocket and Speech Central

Don’t let the limitations of device compatibility keep you from enjoying your beloved Pocket service. With Speech Central, your Apple Watch becomes a powerhouse of knowledge, offering you curated content on the go. Whether you’re on a run or simply taking a leisurely walk, Speech Central ensures that your Pocket reading list is always just a tap away.

Download Speech Central today and redefine the way you engage with your favorite Pocket service while on the move!