Enhance Your CarPlay Experience with Speech Central’s Text-to-Speech for Documents

Driving and multitasking safely is a paramount concern for modern drivers. With the integration of Apple CarPlay, applications like Speech Central are revolutionizing how we interact with our digital content on the go. The latest update to Speech Central introduces a groundbreaking feature—support for CarPlay, elevating your in-car experience to unprecedented levels.

Revolutionary Document Accessibility on CarPlay

Speech Central stands out as the pioneer app supporting the reading of documents and books directly on your CarPlay screen. Whether it’s PDFs, ePub files, or Microsoft Word documents, Speech Central provides seamless text-to-speech functionality. This feature extends to web articles and even your Pocket feed, ensuring that your favorite content is never more than a few taps away.

Seamless Integration with Apple CarPlay

Why wrestle with your phone while driving when you can control everything from your car’s infotainment screen? Unlocking your phone, launching apps, and selecting content can be cumbersome and unsafe while driving. Speech Central’s integration with CarPlay eliminates these steps, offering a straightforward and secure way to access your reading material directly from the dashboard.

Safe and Convenient In-Car Content Management

With Speech Central on CarPlay, you can start the app, choose your content, and even change it while on the move—all through the convenience of your car’s built-in display. This ensures a safer driving experience, allowing you to stay focused on the road without sacrificing access to your digital content.

Charge Up Your Commute with Engaging Content

Transform your daily commute by listening to the content you love. From engaging e-books in various formats like PDF and ePub to insightful web articles, Speech Central enriches your driving time. Experience the joy of listening to your chosen content, effectively turning your commute into a productive or relaxing part of your day. Support for AI voice providers will bring the audiobook grade experience to your PDFs.

Download Speech Central Today

Ready to elevate your driving experience with CarPlay support? Download Speech Central from the App Store and start enjoying a smarter, safer way to handle your digital content while on the road.