What are good Narro alternatives?

Narro was an interesting text-to-speech service, but it turned out to be unprofitable and it will stop to work starting from the year 2023.

The principal reason to use Narro was to turn web pages into the podcasts and access them via some podcast app (usually on iOS or Android mobile device). Many people found this to be convenient and are looking for alternative solutions.

In general there are two possible paths to follow, both of them have their pros and cons:

  1. Finding the service that works on exactly the same principals. Some web searches revealed several such services, but it is hard to recommend any of them as cons seem to outweigh the pros. Most notable problem is that those are all very small companies that run expensive infrastructure and are likely to end up being non-profitable as there are no signs that they are better than Narro in any way. However if you still find that it is the best to find the service that works on exactly the same way, it may be a good idea to research those companies and try to find the one that leaves the impression of long time credibility.
  2. The alternative is to use standard text-to-speech apps. Such apps existed for decades and are much more likely to stay. Some small cons is that you may need to adopt your routine somewhat. For example, if you pick Speech Central you will have to setup the Pocket account in the browser and in Speech Central and install the Pocket extension in your browser. After that you can easily add items to Pocket and your reading list will appear in Speech Central and be read to you on your mobile device – almost the same as Narro used to do. Aside from Speech Central you may check for some other apps and this is a good starting point to compare their features: https://speechcentral.net/speech-central-vs-voice-dream-reader-vs-speechify/