Voice Reader Speech Central Song (Lyrics)

In the land of voices, far and wide,
There’s an app called Speech Central, right by your side,
Turns the written word, to spoken delight,
It’s your personal reader, both day and night.

Oh, Speech Central, making life easier you see,
Opening worlds, setting knowledge free,
From books to articles, across the web it sweeps,
It turns silent whispers into spoken leaps.

With Speech Central, it’s never too late,
To dive into a novel, or update your slate,
Helps the visually impaired, makes reading a breeze,
For busy folks, it’s a definite ease.

Hey, Speech Central, lighting up our way,
No more barriers, no more delay,
For the young, the old, and those in between,
You’ve turned silent thoughts into a vocal dream.

No pages to flip, just an open mind,
In the realm of words, treasures we find,
Every sentence, every verse, every chapter, every line,
Thanks to Speech Central, all can shine.

So, Speech Central, here’s our song for you,
For making impossible, possible to do,
From dawn till dusk, and all through the night,
You keep giving the gift of sound and sight.

Here’s to Speech Central, our heartfelt thanks,
Changing the world, one word at a time,
This is your tribute, your praise, your rhyme.