Speechify Discontinues Its Unique Safari iOS Extension: What’s the Alternative?

Understanding the Importance of Speechify’s Safari Extension

Speechify has recently discontinued its Safari iOS voice reader extension. This was a unique product as it allowed having a text-to-speech experience directly in the browser. In many ways, this was also a technically challenging product, as the development of a Safari extension requires the company to have two teams with diversified developers, and only bigger companies like Speechify can afford that.

The Impact on Users and the Reason Behind the Discontinuation

Aside from being a unique experience, many users used this as a way to get more from Speechify’s free tier, as within the extension it practically had no limit. That is likely the reason why Speechify had to “kill” this extension – it helped users to workaround their subscription system.

Challenges and the High Cost for Existing Users

However, this leaves many users in a challenging situation – while they can find alternative routes to consume Safari content in Speechify, those routes come with tight restrictions, and many of them would need to pay 140$/year to keep using the app the way they did before. Many people can’t afford that, and are looking for solutions to their problem.

Introducing Speech Central: An Affordable Alternative

Speech Central is an excellent solution for those users. It features tight integration with Safari that is just a tad away from the extension – the app can be activated from the Safari “Share” button and can be set up to read the content in just one click.

Why Choose Speech Central: Free and Lifetime Access

And even more importantly, it is very budget-friendly. If you read two articles per day, this is completely free. If you read more, it costs 8$ for a lifetime. You can get it from the App Store.