Why Speech Central is the Best Pocket iPhone TTS App You Should Use

The Need for a Read it Later Service with TTS Support

Pocket, a renowned read-it-later service by nonprofit Mozilla, is highly favored for its browser integration capabilities. However, when it comes to Text to Speech (TTS) support, many users find the in-built functionality a bit lackluster. There’s an ever-growing demand for alternative TTS apps that can provide a seamless Pocket experience.

Why Alternatives to Pocket’s TTS Feature Are Sought After

While Pocket offers a TTS feature in its mobile applications, users often find it underwhelming. This has opened the door for alternative TTS apps to integrate Pocket support, enhancing the read-it-later experience with a wider range of features.

How Speech Central Stands Out

Speech Central, a prominent TTS app, offers a top-notch Pocket integration that predates even Pocket’s own TTS feature. What sets it apart is its two-way automatic syncing, giving users a seamless experience where everything just works.

Two-Way Automatic Syncing: A Game Changer

The brilliance of Speech Central lies in its two-way automatic syncing with Pocket. Add an item to your Pocket list and it automatically appears in Speech Central—no additional steps required. This deep integration makes your reading and listening experience truly fluid.

Automated Archiving for a Clutter-Free Experience

Speech Central takes it a step further with playlists and automatic archiving feature. Just listen to your Pocket feed and once you’ve read an item, it’s automatically moved to the archive in Pocket, eliminating the need for manual sorting and archiving.

High Quality Exprience

Speech Central goes high above Pocket when it comes to tts experience:

  1. Significantly higher level of customization of both visual and audio reading experience.
  2. CarPlay support.
  3. Much bigger choice of high quality voices (on the iPhone you can use OpenAI and Microsoft Azure voices and all Apple’s Premium voices).
  4. Better annotation tools.
  5. Apple Watch support.

Your Best Bet for a Pocket TTS App on iPhone

If you’re in search of a TTS app that not only complements but enhances the Pocket experience, look no further than Speech Central (on App Store and Google Play). With its unparalleled two-way automatic syncing and automated archiving features, it’s your go-to choice for a streamlined read-it-later experience on your iPhone.