Scan Book to TTS on iPhone: Transform Paper Books into Audio with Speech Central

Scan Book to TTS on iPhone: How Speech Central Makes It Convenient and Affordable

The Challenge of Accessing Paper Books via Text-to-Speech

In today’s digital age, many of us prefer the convenience of digital formats. However, a large number of books still only exist in physical form. For those who rely on text-to-speech technology to access content, this presents a challenge.

iPhone’s High-Quality Cameras as a Solution

Fortunately, recent iPhones are equipped with advanced cameras that can capture high-quality images—ideal for scanning books. These cameras are robust enough to provide excellent input for further text processing, making your iPhone a powerful tool for OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Leveraging iPhone’s Neural Engine for OCR

Beyond camera capabilities, modern iPhones also feature a Neural Engine designed to accelerate machine learning tasks. This significantly speeds up the OCR process while consuming less battery, offering a seamless experience for the user.

Text-to-Speech: The Final Step

Once you have the text, the next step is to use a text-to-speech engine to convert it into audio. While iPhones have built-in capabilities, they are not fully optimized for an end-to-end process.

The Limitations of Built-in OS Support

Even though iPhones have some built-in tools for scanning and text-to-speech, these are often not user-friendly for converting books to audio. It’s possible, but highly inconvenient and time-consuming.

The High Cost of Specialized Apps

There are specialized apps designed to handle this exact need, offering a more streamlined experience. However, the catch is that most of these apps require a yearly subscription often exceeding $100, which may not align with your budget.

Speech Central: An Affordable and Quality Alternative

This is where Speech Central stands out. Unlike most apps that offer similar functionalities but at a steep price, Speech Central offers this service for a small one-time fee. It doesn’t compromise on quality and even excels in customization options. You can compare its features with other market players through this comparison chart.

Get Started with Speech Central Today

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient way to convert paper books into audio on your iPhone, Speech Central is your go-to solution. Download it from the App Store and enhance your reading experience today!