How can you get Speechify high quality AI voices for free?

Speechify is known for its high quality voices available only in its subscription tier (usually charged 139$/year). Many people are attracted to such high quality voices and wonder if you can get those features of a premium account at some lower price or even for free.

The answer is that the voices of same quality (or even higher) are available for free in the app Speech Central. The app does support Microsoft neural voices which are at least of the same quality. As described you can set them in the app and have the same monthly quota that Speechify charges 139$/year completely free according to the current terms of Microsoft’s service.

Both in Speechify and Microsoft’s free tier there is a similar quota (100,000 words or 500,000 characters) and the free tier in Speech Central allows the import of content that is in line with those limitations (1 book a month and two articles in a day). If you want the freedom to import more content it still comes at a very affordable price – 8$.

Speechify may still has its pros as it contains unique celebrity voices like Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow, but if you are interested in wide choices of high quality voices for reading and not in celebrity voices in particular, then there is really nothing to lose.