Is there a Voice Dream Reader for Android?

As someone who is active on social networks regarding text-to-speech apps, I see this question quite frequently.

Strictly speaking, there is no Voice Dream Reader for Android on Google Play. But if the answer was that simple this wouldn’t be a blog post.

Voice Dream Reader was published on Google Play in the year 2015. The interface concept was similar to to that of iOS, but it never had all of the features of its iOS version. It also had significantly lower user ratings on Android. Finally, the price on Android was also lower and that gap has increased over the time.

In the year 2020 Voice Dream LLC has sold the app to Legere Technologies LLC. The app is now maintained by this company and it is called Legere Reader. It is still available on Google Play.

Most recent reviews point that the quality of the app has decreased since Legere took over and that there have been many bugs. While I don’t have any personal insights, this frequently happens if you maintain the code that someone else has written without his direct involvement.

As the app requires an upfront payment of 9.99$ and it seems that it may not deliver a great quality to everyone, it may be a good idea to try Speech Central first since it is completely free to try, costs less for unlimited use and is more actively developed now.

Also, you may want to check the fact sheet that compares over 100 features of those apps on iOS.