Discover the Unmatched Quality of Speech Central’s Text-to-Speech App

Discover the Unmatched Quality of Speech Central’s Text-to-Speech App

In the realm of modern text-to-speech applications, users highly value the quality of the speech output. Speech Central stands out by prioritizing this aspect, ensuring users experience the best possible speech quality and value.

What Sets Speech Central Apart?

Several key features distinguish Speech Central from other text-to-speech apps:

  1. No Selling of Voices: Speech Central doesn’t sell voices. Instead, it focuses on finding the best quality and value solutions for users.
  2. Multiple Voice Providers Support: Users can choose from a variety of voice providers, including:
    • Device manufacturer’s text-to-speech engines, which are free for unlimited use and supported across all platforms.
    • Cloud AI voices, like Microsoft Azure AI (iOS, macOS and Android) and OpenAI voices (iOS and macOS), offering high quality with potential free tiers.
    • Third-party offline voices that enhance the diversity and quality of available voices, made easily accessible by Speech Central.
  3. Natural-Sounding Voices: Speech Central enhances voices to sound more natural, significantly improving the listening experience over other apps. Benchmark comparisons demonstrate this enhancement vividly, with comparisons available for both Apple’s and Microsoft Azure’s voices. Even the highest voices feature many robotic and repetitive patterns in speech which Speech Central tries to augment. This significantly helps in the comprehension of long form documents, especially for people with ADHD.
  4. Optimized for high speed: Human voice is not optimized for higher speeds. At speeds higher than 2.5x the nuances of real human speech tend to lower the comprehension instead of increasing it. Speech Central has a special optimization mode to increase the comprehension at high speeds.

Experience the difference yourself by listening to the benchmarks: