How to get NaturalReader highest quality voices for free?

Unlock Premium Voices for Free with Microsoft Azure and Speech Central

For those seeking the highest quality text-to-speech voices without the hefty price tag, there’s a savvy solution that leverages Microsoft Azure AI’s offerings. Known for its premium voices like Emma, Microsoft Azure AI provides an array of high-quality voices that can be accessed directly, bypassing third-party resellers such as NaturalReader.

Microsoft Azure AI’s generosity extends to offering 500,000 characters a month for free, a quota that rivals the most expensive tiers of similar services, which could cost upwards of $110 a year. This approach not only offers a substantial cost saving but also grants access to some of the best text-to-speech voices available.

However, leveraging Azure AI’s voices directly may present challenges, particularly for those without a technical background or for use on mobile devices. This is where Speech Central comes into play, especially for macOS and iOS users. Speech Central enables users to integrate the Azure AI voices by simply entering the API key obtained from Microsoft, thus bypassing the complexities of direct API interactions.

For casual users, such as those reading a book a month, Speech Central’s free tier suffices, offering a practical and cost-effective solution. Those requiring more can opt for the lifetime access at a nominal fee of $10, a fraction of the cost compared to other text-to-speech services.

Beyond cost savings, Speech Central boasts an extensive feature set, outperforming competitors across various metrics. For a detailed comparison and further insights on the additional features that Speech Central offers, visit Speech Central vs. Voice Dream Reader vs. Speechify.

In summary, by directly utilizing Microsoft Azure AI’s offerings and complementing it with Speech Central for an enhanced user experience on macOS and iOS, users can enjoy premium text-to-speech voices and features at a fraction of the cost, or even for free.