At our organization, bug reports are treated with the utmost priority. We understand the critical nature of bugs and their potential impact on user experience and operations. All bug reports that are reproducible will be swiftly acted upon, with fixes prioritized for immediate correction and deployment. For severe issues, an urgent deployment schedule will be adopted to ensure minimal disruption.

Making Your Bug Report Reproducible

To expedite the process of bug fixing, it is essential that the bug report is detailed and reproducible. Below are guidelines to help you create an effective bug report:

  1. Troubleshoot your issue: Frequently problems can be resolved by following the troubleshooting guide inside the app’s help (or find the in the help for your device on the website).
  2. Detailed Reproduction Steps: Provide a comprehensive list of steps required to reproduce the bug. A bug is often not the result of a single action but a sequence of actions. Merely describing the final step is not enough; each step leading to the issue must be clearly outlined.
  3. Detailed Problem Description: A vague description such as “doesn’t work” is not helpful. Your report should include:
    • All environment details (operating system and its version, app version, device) – this is automatically added to your email if you use the “Contact Support” option from the app.
    • The exact outcome of the action that led to the bug (e.g., the specific error message displayed).
    • The expected behavior and how the actual outcome deviates from this expectation.
    • Details about the context of the action, such as issues during file import or webpage access, including any necessary samples for reproduction.
    • Any relevant environmental or contextual details that might influence the occurrence of the bug. While it’s challenging to enumerate all possible influencing factors, highlighting known or suspected ones is crucial.
  4. Crash reports: If you can’t provide the steps to reproduce the problem there are some chances that the problem can be solved if we receive the crash report and if you provide the details of your environment so that the crash report can be located (operating system, its version, app version, device model, etc). On Apple devices please ensure that you have enabled option to share the crash reports with developers: system Settings > Privacy & Security > Analytics & Improvements > Share With App Developers. As the app respects the privacy standards we collect crash reports only through Apple – which means that there is around 48 hours delay between your report and the time we receive it.

If a bug report is not reproducible based on the provided information, additional testing may be undertaken to identify missing details or to attempt reproducing the bug through logical inference. However, if these efforts do not result in a reproducible scenario, fixing the issue will be delayed until the report includes sufficient detail for reproduction.

Thank you for contributing to the quality of our projects by following these guidelines for bug reporting.