We strive to provide our user base with the best possible service. Understanding that Speech Central is crafted by a single developer, we acknowledge that time spent on email responses directly impacts the amount of work dedicated to development and other critical tasks. It is in the collective interest of our users to minimize such activities, aligning with our goal to offer an affordable (and free for eligible groups) application that significantly aids its users.

General Request Policies

In our pursuit to streamline support and maintain the app’s affordability, we have established the following policies for handling various types of requests:

  1. Help Documentation: Inquiries already answered within our help documentation will not be individually addressed; instead, users will be directed to the specific help file.
  2. Learning Requests: Questions about using the app that are not covered by the help documentation will be considered for future development to improve the documentation. These will follow our specific policy for development requests.
  3. Bug Reports: We give the highest priority to bug reports. We encourage following our guide on submitting a comprehensive bug report to facilitate prompt and effective resolution.
  4. Development Requests: Suggestions for new features or improvements are carefully handled according to our specific development request policy.
  5. Store-Related Inquiries: Speech Central doesn’t provide any distribution, sales, payment processing, licensing and related services (like refunding) to end-consumers. Those services are provided by other companies that take the fee from the user payment to provide such a service (like Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store). You need to contact their support for related questions. If you have purchased the app their contact should be available in their e-mail receipt.

Your understanding and cooperation help us focus on providing a more efficient and valuable service to all our users. Thank you for your support.