iOS 16: Speechify and Speech Central

September 17, 2022    ivanadmin

With iOS 16 Apple has made the most notable changes to its built-in text-to-speech voices since their inception in iOS 7. Aside from adding more voices Apple has working on the quality of those voices […]

iOS 16: Voice Dream Reader and Speech Central

September 17, 2022    ivanadmin

iOS 16 is one of the biggest updates yet regarding the text to speech functionality, probably the biggest since iOS 7 when this functionality appeared for the first time. iOS 16 adds a lot of […]

New Site

March 1, 2022    ivanadmin

As of March 2022, I have decided to start a new site specifically dedicated to Speech Central. Previous web site that covered also other activities of Labsii Llc is suspended as Speech Central is taking […]